Who is Yahya Ghazzah?

Yahya Ghazzah is an ordinary boy who was born on the 15th of June, 2013 (6th Syaaban 1434H). Later this May 2020, he was actually the person who made this website! Along with his father’s website, DuniaQuran, he was an extraordinary boy who loved playing with stuff, researching about space, and learning Quran everyday and so much more.

Why did his parents chose the name Yahya Ghazzah?

Listen to this Ayat in the Quran of Surah Maryam:
‘Wahai Zakaria, sungguh Kami memberi khabar gembira kepadamu dengan mengurniakan seorang anak bernama Yahya, yang sebelumnya tidak pernah kami menamakan seseorang dengannya’ (Surah Maryam : 7)

From the Fi Zilal alQuran, you can also see the Surah on searchtruth.com/quran/mushaf.
As the name was Yahya Ghazzah, he was named after two things:
Yahya = Yahya a.s
Ghazzah = Gaza Strip/Ghazzah Street
These two words are both from Islam:
Yahya a.s was a prophet sent by Allah S.W.T
Gaza Strip/Ghazzah Street was from Palestine but the illegal Israel or in Islam, Bani Israel took all the states of Palestine, but only Gaza Strip/Ghazzah Street is left! Such a bad country of Israel…..

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